In Flight Entertainment

Artwood Sound provides APEX compliant IFE media services to the airline and distribution industries. Your Video and audio will be edited to delivery specification, in any language your client requires. We specialize in foreign language dubbing with most of the work done here in our studios, further protecting your content from unauthorized access. We can also provide subtitling in every language imaginable.

Prior to mixing, all audio soundtracks are spotted for any missing elements and repaired as necessary, always maintaining the original integrity of the material.  All work is subject to our in-house Quality Control when it arrives and before it leaves, guaranteeing your elements will be accepted, wherever their final destination.

Content encoding is available in formats from MPEG-1 to MPEG-4 Part 10, and can additionally include keys, metadata and any other elements required for VOD digital media delivery, as well as DVD or any linear format.